By using natural, organic products and hospital-grade equipment, we enhance your wellbeing and create a sustainable, healthy environment.

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Natural Waxing

Natural Waxing

Everyone wants smooth, hairless skin, and a professional waxing is one of the best ways to get it. Natural Nail Lounge is here to help. We are bringing our expertise for natural, safe, and clean spa treatments into the realm of waxing.

Our waxing professionals use all-natural, organic products that are designed to nourish and protect your skin even as we remove unwanted hair. You can rest assured that our applicators, strips, and of course wax is completely clean and safe. Depending on the waxing job, many of our products will be disposed of after use to make sure that every client can enjoy a perfectly clean experience.

Natural Waxing Service

New Pricing Policy – Due to the increasing overheads, there are some increases on our service fees effective June 1, 2020

$ 20
$ 15
$ 15
$ 25
$ 25
$ 35
$ 65+
Semi B.B
$ 55
Half Arm
$ 30
Full Arm
$ 55
Lower/Upper Leg
$ 35/40
Full Leg
$ 70
Full Leg & Bikini
$ 90
$ 15
$ 65
$ 15
$ 20

We offer a number of different waxing services, from eyebrows and chin to legs and arms.

We look forward to helping your skin feel smooth and silky!