By using natural, organic products and hospital-grade equipment, we enhance your wellbeing and create a sustainable, healthy environment.

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Natural Facials

Natural Facials

Glowing, youthful, radiant skin – it’s what we all want, but too often, we are told that in order to achieve that look, we have to subject our skin to harsh chemicals and synthetic scrubs. At Natural Nail Lounge, we know that isn’t true. We provide all-natural facials designed to help your skin recover its natural glow without the harsh, environmentally-unfriendly chemicals.

We provide a variety of different facials to help you achieve your best, most natural glow. Our facials are as relaxing as they are beneficial for your skin. Whether you are looking to take control of acne, hydrate dry skin, or combat the effects of aging, we have a facial that is perfect for your needs.

Natural Facials Service

New Pricing Policy – Due to the increasing overheads, there are some increases on our service fees effective June 1, 2020

Lounge Express Facial
$ 65
Acne Treatment
$ 125
Anti Aging Lifting Treatment
$ 165
Eye Lift Treatment
$ 65/130
Lounge Signature Facial
$ 95
Back Facial
$ 90
Aqua Hydrodermabrasion
$ 200

Get ready to love the look and feel of your skin once again.

It goes without saying that our facials are delivered in a clean and sanitary manner, so you can fully relax and know you’ll only benefit from the treatment.